Immunocal Platinum - How Is It Different Than Immunocal?

Many want to know how Immunocal Platinum is different than Immunocal.

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Immunocal Platinum

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Everything you will find on this page about Immunocal also applies to this enhanced version of Immunocal, except for the information discussed on this page.

This supplement does everything that Immunocal does - they both will raise your glutathione equally effectively. One is not stronger than the other.

This special formulation of Immunocal was made to address issues that commonly occur with

human aging. This is an enhanced formula of Immunocal.

Dr. Wulf Dröge, formulator of this special advanced enhanced version of Immunocal, felt that there was room for improvement to strengthen Immunocal’s effect as an

anti aging product. This product was formulated specifically for Baby Boomers.

This next generation product from Immunotec allows baby boomers and others to be proactive in their health by maintaining optimal muscle function, kidney function, bone health, and a strong immune system.

Because this advanced formulation of Immunocal can help reduce acid production that may accompany high protein diets, it may help those who find it a challenge to eat a lot of protein, regularly engage in strenuous exercise, or are trying to lose weight and/or avoid loss of bone mass.

It also contains additional ingredients that render this formula more effective and safe for everyday use to support good health and well-being and buffer the effects of aging.

Immunocal Platinum has received official recognition from the Canadian government as well. Health Canada has issued a Natural Product number for this product: NPN #80028731. The claim granted for this product is the following: “Immunocal Platinum is a source of glutathione precursor for the maintenance of a strong immune system. Helps to maintain proper muscle function and bone health by reducing calcium loss.  Also use as an electrolyte and mineral supplement for the maintenance of good health."

Now, let’s directly compare Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum.

Specifically, you learned on the last page that Immunocal raises glutathione. For a brief refresher on glutathione, please click here. So Immunocal assists with the following functions:

This supplement takes the next step. It is formulated to further enhance the anti-oxidation properties with ingredients that:

  • Assist in neutralizing acid production
  • Slow down the loss of calcium
  • Optimize muscle function
  • Help sugar metabolism

In the development of this enhanced version of Immunocal , the Immunotec scientists looked carefully at both the biochemistry of protein metabolism, and at potential components of whey sub-fractions that relate to aging, and then added two separate formulations to Immunocal.

The first is Cytokine Modulating Proteins (CMP™*), which represents the next generation of whey protein subfractions.

These components play roles in repairing cell damage, promoting healthy cell differentiation and growth, and inhibiting abnormal cell growth. As you can glean from the name, CMP can also modulate cytokines, small molecules of the immune system that signal for inflammation.

In addition, Redox Modulating Formula (RMF) is an exclusive development from Immunotec’s senior researcher, Dr. Wulf Dröge.

The challenge of neutralizing the potential increase in acid production in individuals ingesting high amounts of protein has been successfully resolved with the RMF. High acid levels have been correlated with a number of different health challenges including the calcium loss seen in osteoporosis (brittle bones).

RMF helps to maintain proper muscle function, bone health, and a strong immune system.

*CMP is a trademark of Glanbia LLC.

You should choose Immunocal Platinum If…

You want all the benefits of the original Immunocal, plus:

  • Natural support for optimizing pH (acid/base) balance
  • Preventing calcium loss and ensuring stronger bones
  • Maintaining proper muscle strength and function
  • Achieving proper balance of blood glucose and insulin metabolism
  • Assistance with digesting protein

For more than ten years, members of the scientific community have recognized Immunocal as a key product in the field of immune system support.

Now, to meet the health needs of a maturing population, the scientists at Immunotec have enriched this industry-standard bonded cysteine® supplement and developed this enhanced formulation of Immunocal.

If you are seeking a way to give your body an extra edge against health challenges, aging and wear-and-tear, take a hard look at this supplement.

Typical supplements won’t do the job. Instead, give your body an extra edge by keeping it vigorous and healthy.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies between $3-4.29 a pouch, depending on how you buy it. Immunocal Platinum comes in 30 pouch box just like Immunocal, and the options for lowest price are the same as for Immunocal.

Why does it cost more than Immunocal?

This is because of the cost of the added components as well as royalties paid to Glanbia, LLC, who have retained right of royalties on each sale of Immunocal Platinum.

What if I am unsure which formulation I should take?

Some take a combination of the two, and some take one or the other. The answer depends on your particular health situation, age, and weight. Please

contact us so we may be of the best assistance to you. We would be happy to help you to make that decision.

Is Immunocal Platinum sometimes covered by Medicare and Medicaid like Immunocal is?

No, only Immunocal is currently listed in the Physician's Desk Reference, the Pharmacist's Red Book, and the Canadian Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties.

As such, Immunocal Platinum is unlike Immunocal in that it is not covered in any circumstance by Medicare or Medicaid.

Can I just buy Immunocal Platinum on this site?

If you are already familiar with Immunocal Platinum and know how much you would like to order, you may do so by clicking on the graphic below:

Immunocal Platinum

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Just drop us a line, and we will get in contact with you to expedite your order. Please provide us with your age, weight, and health condition. We will help you process your order, and you will receive your order directly from the company.

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