Is There Really A Natural Cure For Cancer?

The doctors are now saying there is nothing left to do for my mother’s lung cancer, I want to know is there something out there that can help her. I want to know is there something natural that can cure.


I am not a medical doctor, and cannot prescribe or treat any medical condition, nor give medical advice. Please see my medical disclaimer for more on this before proceeding.

Having said that, there is only one known natural cure for cancer, and you can't buy it anywhere. The only known cure for cancer is your very own immune system.

The best thing for you to do is feed, strengthen, and protect your immune system. How can you do that?

Glutathione is food for your cells, and specifically food for your immune system. When you have lots of glutathione, your immune system is healthy and strong and it can deal effectively with all the challenges that come its way.

I also recommend drinking alkaline water, since cancer thrives in an acid environment, and alkaline water mirrors glutathione in its positive effects.

If you would like to read a very well written and thorough resource for how to kill cancer by supporting your immune system through various ways, please read the book "Killing Cancer- Not People" by Robert Wright. He is the founder of the non-profit American Anti Cancer Society and his book can be ordered here, on the right side of the page.

I also received a testimonial from Olga I would like to share with you here.

"Hi! There are no known cures for cancer. I do have a friend that is 77 years old that was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. His PSA was 3,360. Yes, this is the highest I have ever heard of. The cancer had metastasized and was in his lungs, bones, spine and lymph nodes. Needless to say the doc said there was nothing to be done, the cancer was everywhere. 1 ½ years later, no treatment other than hormone shots and a product called Immunocal, and the cancer is not to be found.

The Product Immunocal will help. Immunocal is not a cure. It is clinically proven to raise glutathione in the body, and the body does what it was designed to do – fight off pathogens and diseases.

In a nutshell, glutathione is a molecule found and produced in every cell of the body. It is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system, detoxification, recycling of antioxidants and several other things. Glutathione is the first line of defense against disease. And along with the liver, the lungs are the largest user of glutathione in the body. The best resource of information is in the book “Glutathione - Your Key To Health" by Jimmy Gutman, MD, researcher and emergency physician.

Chapter 5 of this book addresses cancer and the role of glutathione in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery. It also explains how to raise glutathione safely and effectively (there are different ways including taking Immunocal) since you can’t get glutathione in your system by eating it. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2000. I didn’t know all this back then. I am trying to educate people."

You can order Dr. Gutman's book here.

Learn more about glutathione and cancer here.

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione. You can order Immunocal here.

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May 05, 2011
Cure For Cancer
by: Susan

There is a cure but the FDA and insurance won't approve because they make no money!! Sick isn't it?
You are correct Susan- the only known cure for cancer is your very own immune system, and there are many ways to optimize your immune system, but the pharmaceutical industry has no profits to gain from this. It is very disappointing but we all can make the choice to take charge and control of our lives and immune system health. Many are doing so with Immunocal. Thanks for your contribution!

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