Benefits of Glutathione- No More Exhaustion or Insomnia!

by Andrea

Glutathione has helped me tremendously.

Years of unexplained chronic exhaustion were my problem. One contributing factor was an inability to sleep. During the day I would drag around work like a slug, looking for a corner to sleep in. I'd think how great it will be to get back home and go to bed.

But when I did get home and tried to go to bed, instead of falling off to sleep, I would just lay there for a solid hour or more with eyes wide open unable to doze off, that is until around 3:00 a.m. when by body would finally say "Okay, you can go to sleep now."

At other times I would manage to get to sleep, but would be awakened gasping for air because I had briefly stopped breathing. Lots of things were tried to correct the problem, both pharmaceutical and natural, but in the end, what made the biggest difference was glutathione enhancement..

Today I no longer have these sleeping issues and sleep like a baby. I am dealing with fatigue successfully! I even have energy to care for the important things that matter in my life. A pleasant side note to raising my glutathione levels was that the undertone of my skin changed from a sickly gray to a vibrant one!"

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