Can I Do A Local Pick Up For My Immunotec Order?

I would like to know if I can save shipping costs by picking up my Immunotec order myself. Do you have local pick up locations for Immunocal?

Yes, depending on where you live. A flat Pickup Handling Fee of $4.00 (tax included) will apply to orders picked
up at Distribution Centers that offer this service.

Currently, there are only three local pick up locations for Immunotec. You may arrange to pick up your order from the following locations:

    Commerce, CA, USA

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

(Note: Although US orders are shipped from a warehouse in Coppell, Texas, USA, it is strictly a warehouse/shipping location, and no local pickups are offered here at this time. )

To place an order with one of these local pick up locations for Immunocal or any of Immunotec's products, please call my office directly at 602-234-9843 and I would be happy to help you to place your order.

With the exception of these three cities, all orders will be shipped directly to your door at the address you indicate when you place the order.

To place an order online automatically,click here. To qualify for a discount on your order, please click here.

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