Can Immunocal Be Taken With Interferon Beta?

My sister has MS, (Multiple Sclerosis), and she is on Interferon Beta, an immunosuppressant. Would Immunocal be safe and beneficial for my sister?

This quote was taking from a previous question of "What would be the risk or benefit of taking Immunocal for people with MS?..."The only people that cannot take Immunocal are those who are on immunosuppressive drugs..."

Is Interferon Beta OK to take with Immunocal?

Thanks for your question. I checked with the Vice President of Research and Development on this one, and he indicated that this is referring to a specific situation, where someone would be on immunosuppressant drugs due to an organ transplant.

So according to our VP of R&D, Immunocal is contraindicated "when they (immunosuppressant drugs)are used in situations to suppress the immune system completely as in the case of an organ transplant."

Even in cases such as this, no cases have been reported when someone on these drugs with an organ transplant had any reaction, but this warning is given only as a theoretical precaution.

In your sister's case, unless she has an organ transplant and is on immunosuppressant drugs for this reason, she should safely be able to take Immunocal.

However, according to the PDR, "Patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy should discuss the use of this product with their health professional." If he has questions or concerns due to unfamiliarity with the product, he may ask to speak with someone in our medical division.

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