Does Glutathione Help With Fibromyalgia Pain?


The subject of fibromyalgia is not covered in Dr. Jimmy Gutman's latest bestseller, but here is what I found by doing some research on PubMed, the government website for published research from around the world.

When I did a search for "glutathione fibromyalgia", I found 10 studies.

When I did a search for "oxidative stress fibromyalgia", I found 19 studies. One states that "Oxidative stress has also been implicated in the pathophysiology of FM (Fibromyalgia); therefore, supplementation with antioxidants may be important in modulation of the effects of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in patients with FM ."

Since glutathione is your body's Master Antioxidant, this is another good way to find out if glutathione relates clinically to a particular disease state.

One study proposed to assess antioxidant status and nitric oxide (NO) in fibromyalgia (FM) patients in comparison to healthy controls. Additionally, the association between the serum antioxidant levels and clinical findings in FM patients was also investigated. Thirty-seven FM patients and 37 healthy controls were enrolled in this study. Severity of fatigue and pain were determined by Visual Analogue Scale. Functional capacity in daily living activities was evaluated by fibromyalgia impact questionnaire.

Serum NO, catalase and glutathione were measured. Serum glutathione and catalase levels were significantly lower in FM patients than controls. However, no significant difference was seen in serum NO levels between the two groups. A significant correlation was evident between serum NO level and pain. Additionally, the correlation between glutathione level and morning stiffness was found to be significant. These findings support other studies, we assume that these two antioxidants might have impact on the pathogenesis of FM disease.

This study shows that fibromyalgia patients typically have low glutathione levels, and suggests that glutathione and nitric oxide might have impact on the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia. The previous study and others on PubMed show that oxidative stress is clearly a factor in fibromyalgia, so attention to reducing these levels with glutathione as an antioxidant may be important in modulation of the effects of ROS in patients with FM.

You can see the complete studies entitled "Serum antioxidants and nitric oxide levels in fibromyalgia: a controlled study" here and "Pathophysiology and antioxidant status of patients with fibromyalgia" here.

Likely we will see ongoing research into this question in the future that can answer this question more conclusively from a clinical application.

From an anecdotal standpoint, I have a personal friend named Lisa who suffered from fibromyalgia, that would like to share her story with you here in her own words:

"For 18 years I have suffered with chronic pain and fatigue because of Fibromyalgia. It was a struggle just to get through each day. My concentration suffered, and I could not do activities that I enjoy. Just over a year ago I was also diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency. I had to learn that every activity would drain me of strength and at times I could do nothing but rest. On days when I was able to work, I would come home and sleep until it was time to go to bed.

A friend introduced me to IMMUNOCAL with the hopes that I would find relief from the pain and that my non existent energy levels would increase.

After a little research on how Immunocal would benefit me I gave it a try. In just two weeks I noticed a difference in my energy level. I began to wake in the mornings ready to embrace the day. I no longer needed to nap in the evenings and I began going to bed later. After 2 months, I am pain free for the first time. I feel that Immunocal has given me the gift of time. I don't need as much sleep, my energy has increased and I feel so good that I enjoy life again.

I will take Immunocal for the rest of my life.
Let IMMUNOCAL help you Feel good for life too!"

You can order Immunocal, she recommends Immunocal Platinum specifically to reduce inflammation, here. To qualify for a 20% or 30% discount on your order, please click here.

Note: This did not mean that she was cured. In fact, she reported that if she cut back or stopped taking the Immunocal, the pain began to return, but if she stayed on the dosage she needed, which was 4 packs a day due to the severity of her pain, her pain was completely eliminated.

Perhaps if more of these anecdotes and personal testimonies present themselves, more research will be done in this area to find out how and why glutathione helped her with her fibromyalgia pain.

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