Does Glutathione Precursor help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue?

by Arun
(New Delhi, India)

Can you tell me more about Glutathione Precursor please?
l have IBS, and adrenal fatigue. Will it help in these conditions?
New Delhi

Glutathione Precursor may help with the causes of irritable bowel syndrome along with a good quality probiotic. Here's more on that:

Autoimmune Diseases


As far as adrenal fatigue, Glutathione Precursor will not help directly with that. Adrenal fatigue involves a stressing of the adrenals marked by high cortisol and adrenal cortisol in the beginning stages, and very low levels as they fatigue and wear out in the later stage. To recover from that is complex. It may involve much time, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes, such as how one responds to and copes with stress. It would be best see a doctor for this issue.

Unfortunately, Glutathione Precursor is not available in India at this time. I would suggest you find a health care practitioner in your country to help you with these issues, since they are multifaceted.

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