Does Immunocal Platinum Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

by Esther

My husband has liver cancer and is also diabetic. He is on Immunocal Platinum. I am wondering if Immunocal Platinum can affect his blood sugar level, because it has been climbing.


Dear Esther,
Thanks for your great question. Immunocal Platinum is recommended in general for those who have blood sugar issues, such as diabetes or pre-diabetes, to help stabilize their blood sugar. Having said that, taking Immunocal Platinum should not make your husband's blood sugar rise. There may be other factors involved.

Beyond that, you will need to check with your husband's sponsor for individualized assistance with your particular situation and also work closely with your personal health care provider. From a product standpoint, your husband's sponsor is the best person to advise him on this. If you don't know who your husband's sponsor is, he can find out their name and contact info by calling Immunotec at 888-917-7779 and giving his name. They will let you know who to contact for the best personal follow up assistance to your question.

Good health to you both!

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