Glutathione and Leukemia

Doyle tells the story of a mutual friend Joseph Neil - at age 60, Joe was diagnosed with Leukemia at the VA Clinic in Cumberland. His symptoms were typical for a malignant neoplastic disease. Fevers and night sweats, weakness, fatigue, daily headaches, bleeding gums, lost teeth, joint pain throughout his body, swollen lymph nodes and a swelling belly.

The VA conducted several tests to find out how far the malignant neoplastic disease had spread. After in depth hematology testings, MRI and CT scans, the doctor revealed a bleak prognosis and a draining treatment plan. Chemo, radiation and a complete blood transfusion was recommended. Joe denied the transfusion and the chemo/radiation as he did not want to suffer any more pain for the last days of his life. Joe continued to go to the VA for pain meds and merely existed without hope.

In March 2009 Joe was in contact with Doyle. Doyle shared his hope that perhaps a glutathione accelerator would help Joe's health. Here's Doyle's story: As a result of taking a natural patented glutathione enhancer and a natural energy tonic, Doyle's VA doctors had taken him off insulin and all three heart medications after only three months of consuming these natural products. On Labor Day 2009 Doyle and Barbara took a three mile walk together at Caswell Park. Barb noticed that Doyle kept up without one rest! No high blood pressure, and without stammering sugar levels, Barb was delighted to witness Doyle's increased stamina!

Doyle now continues the story of their ailing friend Joe. He had no quality of life, and nothing to lose by trying this wonderful glutathione enhancer. Doyle sent a generous gift of a three months supply, and Joe agreed to take the stuff as directed. Six months later on August 3, 2009 Joe took another battery of tests at his VA hospital. The head nurse at the VA Hematology Clinic in Martinsburg, WVA Medical Center was glad to report that Joe's Leukemia was considered to be officially in remission. All pain, all symptoms gone!

On August 5, 2009 Joe turned 63 and he is thrilled to share his story about taking these two amazing products! The natural energy blend of exceptional herbs includes Echinacea, Chamomile,Passion Flower, Damiana, Angelica, and Sarsaparilla. The unique combination of minerals and herbs found in this product contributed to Joe's victory over pain.

Highly concentrated and fast-acting, Joe's body and mind was restored, revitalized and renewed. His daily consumption provided a welcome surge of energy while enhancing important internal functions.

The glutathione accelerator is a patented whey protein isolate optimized to deliver a highly bioavailable form of cysteine, with the addition of two other components: Cytokine Modulating Proteins (CMP) and Redox Modulating Formula (RMF). The formula is supported by years of research demonstrating it can support healthy glutathione production and is protected by numerous North American and international patents; it is patented to increase glutathione.

This glutathione accelerator is the only nutritional supplement that can be found in the doctors RED BOOK and it is noted to assist the body to raise glutathione as it also : •Naturally optimizes pH (acid/base) balance •Prevents calcium loss and ensures stronger bones •Maintains proper muscle function • while re-establishing a healthy immune system.

If you would like to experience these benefits for yourself, you may do so here:

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Aug 10, 2010
by: john

my name is john l am a nigerian man, my mother is suffering from leukemia and a friend introduce immunocal to me, which we have begun to use. her white blood count drop from 274 to 44. but she is still weak and her pcv level is 19%, what can we do to help build that up.
my emial adress is

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