Glutathione And Nutrition Helped Him With Gastritis

Can glutathione help someone suffering with Gastritis, the precursor to Stomach Ulcers?

Read 53 year-old Kurt's story, and find out how raising his glutathione with the building blocks, and giving attention to his diet and proper nutrition, helped him here:

The following case study is taken from Dr. Jimmy Gutman's latest bestseller- "Glutathione - Your Key to Health", page 134:

"Kurt was a 53 year-old vice-president of sales for a large manufacturing company. Among the seventy-hour weeks, two-martini lunches, coffees well into the night, a pack-and-a-half-a-day cigarette habit, and the stress of a poor sales quarter, he developed severe stomach pains.

He was lucky. Medical investigation determined that he only had a gastritis (stomach inflammation) but that if his present lifestyle continued, he would likely develop an ulcer.

Unwilling to quit smoking or working so much, he agreed to a reduction in alcohol and coffee, and also to visit a nutritionist. After three weeks on silymarin, melatonin, glutamine, chamomile, selenium, multiple vitamins including B-complex, C, and E, he felt "infinitely better" even though sales were still down.

He laughs about this now and is thinking of quitting smoking and starting regular exercise. He now believes that if he feels better in his body, his performance at work will improve."

Kurt was taking several of the known building blocks for his body to make its own glutathione. You can read more about nutrition tips here, and all of the ways to raise glutathione here.

If you would like to experience these results for yourself, you may do so here.

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