Glutathione and Sarcoidosis

by Kevin Brown
(Orlando, FL)

In 1997, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive inflammatory disease called “stage 3 Sarcoidosis.” This is an autoimmune disease that resulted in chronic inflammation and scarring of my lung tissue. I was already losing vital lung function, and in time I would become a lung cripple-- no longer able to breathe without the aid of an oxygen tank. My doctors recommended that I begin a lifelong immunosuppressive therapy using steroids. I was further informed that the benefits from the steroid treatment could not be guaranteed, but the long-term prognosis without the treatment would probably be worse.

In June of 1999, I started using a high dose of Prednisone. The drug Plaquenil was later added. Modest improvement came at the expense of many side effects including abnormal weight gain, muscular weakness, a bloated look in my face and body, pain in my joints and the swelling of my fingers. Because immunosuppressive therapy did not provide me with the level of results I was looking for, I discontinued the treatment in April 2001. I started looking for a nutritional solution to my immune system disorder.

On September 15, 2001, I started a treatment option that is listed in both the United States ‘Physician’s Desk Reference’ (PDR) and the Canadian ‘Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties’ (CPSD) It is called “Glutathione Augmentation.” The product that accomplished this for me is Glutathione Precursor.

Three months after starting this treatment, the inflammation was completely gone, with no further scarring of my lung tissue. My lung function has dramatically improved, to the amazement of all of my doctors. It has been over 10 years since I started seeing the benefits of augmenting my glutathione levels.

Glutathione Precursor is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

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