Glutathione, Brain Fog, Fatigue, and Acid Reflux Disease

by Bonnie M
(Elizabeth, WV, USA)

My daughter found this Glutathione Accelerator for me a year ago, and I didn't get it. She'd been trying to remember the name of it, because she knows of someone whose quality of life after taking this could only be described as a miraculous recovery. So I went online to see if there were any magic pills ....or anything new for me so I could start living a functional life again. I am so fortunate that I have a daughter who would go to the end of the earth for me. She remembered it, and we ordered it immediately.

I was so tired of being tired, tired of the brain fog, and because of that, my days were frantic, because my short term memory was gone. My days truly were spent looking for things, and after I found whatever it was, I was too tired to do anything else. I watched the videos about this natural Glutathione Booster, and could relate to a few of the stories. Not just one, but several.

I have lived a lot of my life In good health, but in time I started having difficulty because of ailments such as Lyme disease, scoliosis, acid reflux disease, and more. I was managing with this, but they were becoming chronic and that made life hard for me.

My immune system was shot, my acid reflux was so severe, I joked about feeling like a dragon who was breathing out fire. I also suffer from severe scoliosis that strangely hit me in ONE year. I'd been a flight attendant for years, which meant physicals and fitting for uniforms. I never had one sign of scoliosis before this.

I was also diagnosed with Lyme disease. The exhaustion was probably the worst for me. I went from a Type A personality to being thankful that I was able to shower for the day.

I had heard good things about glutathione, so when we figured out that we were looking for this natural Glutathione Accelerator, I started taking it right away.

I don't know exactly when things started to change, but it was quick. Everyone noticed it too. I was up more and interacting with my family. For me, things truly started happening FAST. I was taking 3 packs of Glutathione Accelerator a day because I was so weak for awhile. It was amazing to me. Now I started having days that were calm, and then it seemed like all of a sudden I was not having to search for things, which meant that my brain fog was clearing up. It was feeding my brain. Regarding my fatigue, I had more energy, and I felt myself getting up and doing more, and suddenly had more time to get things done! Itl was recharging my energy on a daily basis. What a joyous moment it was when I knew my quality of life was so much better! The brain fog - gone! Fatigue - gone!

The acid reflux disease wasn't bothering me as much, so I finally had a Mexican dinner. I was fine, and couldn’t believe it. I don’t have to take the drug Protonix any more for my acid reflux disease!

My family noticed right away that I was staying up, not needing as much sleep, moving around more, that my voice was even stronger, and that I had a sparkle back in my eyes. I have gotten my joy of life back again. I was finding myself up and cleaning. My mother's jaw dropped as she watched me, and then the happiness she felt was so wonderful it showed on her face.

In other words, I feel like I have a new lease on life. I will never be without it, and I'm getting it for my father, too. I never gave up hope. When you have family, you always have hope that you can help them. I know God has a plan for me. This is one of the miracles I believe, and I'm up for any task now.

I hope anyone who is living a life of pain or any discomfort will find this natural glutathione enhancer and take it every day. It's truly the path of healthy living!

I may not have found the magic pill, but even better, I found the perfect supplement:Glutathione Precursor. I will never go without it!

Thank you,
Bonnie M.
Elizabeth, WV

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