Glutathione Helped Me Climb Mount Everest!

by Gabriel Filippi
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

At an Immunotec Event with Nate and Laura

At an Immunotec Event with Nate and Laura

I had the dream to climb Mount Everest. In Spring 2000, I went on Everest, but didn't make it to the top.

In Spring 2005, I went back with a patented natural glutathione accelerator in my bag, and this time I made it to the top. By taking this product, my training improved. The recovery period was much faster, and also the immune system was much stronger.

When I'm on the mountain, the immune system is challenged every day, and it gets weaker and weaker. By having this Glutathione Accelerator, my immune system can stay stronger every day so I can climb every day. I was really proud to plant that flag on the top of Mount Everest because it really helped me to get there.

So for me, the benefits of glutathione have been to help me to increase my athletic performance, and to climb the mountain of my dreams!

If you would like to experience these benefits for yourself, you may do so here:

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