Glutathione helped with my Macular Degeneration

by Carl Schenholm

My name is Carl Schenholm. I am an 86 year old retired veterinarian, who has had macular degeneration for about 11 years. From 2003-2005, my condition had been static with scar tissue. I visited specialists at Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Bascom Palmer in Miami, Duke University Eye Center, and Dr. Meir Schneider at the Institute for Self Healing in San Francisco. All of them said there was nothing that could be done because of the scar tissue.

After being on 2 to 3 packs a day of your patented Glutathione Accelerator in June 2005 for 119 days, the spinning lights in the back of my eyes suddenly turned from white to orange. After 4 more days, I was able to see my face in the mirror while shaving (180 degrees with the left eye) for the first time in years. I was also able to see my wife’s face. The black spot in my central vision of the left eye lightened to gray. I felt that there was a 10% improvement in my vision which still remained after 2 months. My right eye seemed to be slightly better after this initial period.

Two months later, I began taking 2 packs of Glutathione Accelerator twice a day, and the black areas in both eyes became more porous around the edges. My left eye continued to see through 180 degrees, and my right eye was slightly less foggy in the center. I am continuing to use Dr. Meir Schneider’s self-healing techniques, such as palming and sunning the eyes and reading exercises in addition to raising my glutathione with your natural glutathione enhancer.

I know that a healthy eye is high in glutathione, and I am very glad that I found out about raising it with this wonderful glutathione booster.

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