Glutathione with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy - For Breast Cancer?

by Ivy-Marie
(Quebec, Canada)

Can boosting your natural glutathione help with breast cancer while using chemotherapy and radiotherapy? Read Ivy-Marie's story, and find out what effect a special patented natural glutathione accelerator had on her side effects here:

The following case history is taken from Dr. Jimmy Gutman's latest bestseller- "Glutathione - Your Key to Health", page 68:

"Quebecer Ivy-Marie is a very active thirty-seven year-old breast cancer survivor. After undergoing her initial surgery, the pathologist's report suggested she undergo a dozen sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She experienced many side-effects, including profound weakness and fatigue- a new experience for her.

After ten sessions of therapy and many visits to her doctors to treat side-effects, she was put on 30 gm/day of a special whey protein concentrate. Her strength and sense of well-being improved within a week and she tolerated her last two sessions of chemotherapy with few side-effects. She is back to her usual routine, and remains disease-free."

Ivy-Marie incorporated many facets into her treatment for breast cancer- surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and a special whey protein concentrate.

By raising glutathione in her healthy cells, and causing
glutathione production to shut down in the cancer cells through a process called negative feedback inhibition, the chemo and radiation therapy were more effective in only targeting the cancer cells, and thus she had far less side effects.

You can learn more about glutathione and cancer here.

If you would like to experience these benefits for yourself, you may do so here:

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