How Can I Buy Immunocal?

Immunotec takes Mastercard and VISA. There are two ways you may order when you are ready:

You may submit your info to the company online through our secure website, or to us personally over the phone. Your order is directly shipped to you from the nearest depot location the same or next business day.

To Submit Online:

When you are ready, have your credit card handy, and use our secure ordering link here:

*For a one time retail purchase, click here.


*For 40% off your first order, click here.

To Call Your Order In Live:

Please call our ordering hotline at:


Retail and initial 40% off orders, as well as set up for future monthly 30% off orders may be processed through this hotline. Please allow up to one business day for message return and order processing.

Each order is followed up with a free consultation upon receipt of order.

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