How Can I Get Immunocal In My Country?

If you live in the USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Trinidad or Tobago, Mexico, UK, or Ireland, you may order it directly here. Select your country from the drop down list in the upper right hand corner.

Immunotec ships directly to these countries. If you live outside these countries, you cannot receive direct shipments.

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Dec 10, 2014
Reshipment to Nigeria?
by: George

I stay in Nigeria and I've heard so much about immunocal.I just want to know if there's any country that reships this drugs to Nigeria?

I am sorry, but I do not know of any company that will do this at this time. You could inquire of various shipping companies in your area to see if they will help you.

Nov 30, 2014
Immunocal in Retail?
by: Nathaniel

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, due to the its distribution model, which includes free customer education about the product and free follow up customer service, account management, and one on one consultations for your lifetime usage of the product, it is best if you have a sponsor that helps you to obtain Immunocal. These service option are not available with a retail model, so that is why we are not in those stores.

If you would like, when you are in the USA for your 3 month stays, you can place a stocking up order of several months. The shelf life is around two years so you can stock up as often as you like from the US and bring it home with you.

You can use this link from the USA:

Otherwise, if you'd like me to save your name and country in a file for future possible reference, send me an e-mail at and I will save your info in a folder. If and when we open in your country for business, I will be sure to contact you.

Nov 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

I wish immunical can be purchase on costco pharmacy, cvs, rite aid and wallgreen. Ive been searching this product for long time and im having hard time to buy it. And i dont hve any relatives, friends or known people who i can trust regarding my purchase abroad. Im not even living on countries ur shipping but i do travel to US on a very short stay once every 3 months. It will be a great help if the product is available on said pharmacies/stores. Thanks.

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