How Can I Get Immunocal in Trinidad and Tobago?

First, you can place your order here.

Immunocal works best when taken every single day just like you would take vitamins or drink water.

To choose the convenient monthly AutoShip or ImmunoDirect option and get a 20% discount, which is the way I've been getting my Immunocal for the last 5 years, click here, and where it says "you are eligible for a discount", click the orange "Click here for details".

Choose option 2, ImmunoDirect, and the agree box. Then "Get Started Now" and "Continue Shopping". Everything in your cart will now be at the 20% discount.

Then proceed to checkout. Your first order will be available within one day, and each month thereafter on the day you choose.

If your order is placed before 12PM EST, then your order will be available for pickup after 2PM the same day from one of 3 warehouses in Trinidad and Tobago. If it is placed after 12PM EST, then your order will be available for pickup after 2PM EST the next day.

Here are the warehouse locations. You should select the most convenient location for your pickup at checkout:

1: Port of Spain
#20-22 Tragarete Rd. V. Ctr
868-627-6887 or 868-796-8580

2: San Fernando
#38 Royal Rd.

3: San Juan:
#1 Ibis Avenue

Based on when you placed your order, either call the warehouse location you selected later that day or the next day to confirm that your order is there waiting for pickup. Then proceed to that location to pick up your order.

Again, here is the link to order.

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