How Can I Qualify For My Free Consultation?

If you'd like to request a free consultation about Immunocal, any of our products, or income opportunity from Immune Health Solutions, you qualify if:

1: You live in a country Immunotec is set up to do business in. These countries are: United States, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, and the UK. (If you do not, please contact us for your options)


2: You have not already purchased Immunotec products or enrolled with Immunotec through someone else previously (If you have, please contact your sponsor)


3: You are not currently asking for information about Immunocal, Immunotec products, or the business opportunity from other Immunotec consultants at this time, (if you are, please get back with the one who first supplied you with the information)


4: You are willing and able to purchase Immunotec products from Immune Health Solutions, &/or become a consultant on our team after your consultation.* (*NOTE: Purchase is not required, however the willingness and ability to do so are. If you don't know what Immunocal costs, please click here now. You are not able to do business with Immune Health Solutions if you have already purchased or enrolled with another consultant.)

We do not offer paid consultations at this time.


If you answered yes to these qualifications, please contact us here indicating your agreement, and we will schedule your free consultation. Consultations are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

Otherwise, please get back with your sponsor or the Immunotec consultant that you originally were consulting with. They consider you a prospective customer or consultant on their team, and they want to help and work with you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we look forward to assisting you on the path to good health as part of our family. Following these guidelines ensures that all who qualify receive their free consultation.

Good health to you!

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