How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

by Shayan

I would request experts to let us know how much water should we drink to stay healthy benefiting this nature's gift? I heard some experts saying excess water may harm our health whereas others say the greater the intake of water we have, the better we will prevent many diseases.


Consuming half your body weight in ounces is a good general rule of thumb. So if you weigh 160 pounds, then 80 ounces of water a day should hydrate you. Water is very essential as you mention for all body processes to be carried out optimally.

I recently purchased a body fat scale to monitor my body fat and body water, and this is a very good way to find out if you are properly hydrated. Healthy body water percentages for women are 45-60%, and 50-65% for men. If you are within these ranges, you are drinking the proper amount of water.

As a side note, most do not need to worry about over-hydration. Most just don't drink enough water, or drink too much dehydrating beverages with caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, and just by limiting these and replacing with plain water can do a lot of good. The humidity of your environment matters as well. I have to drink a lot more here in Arizona than I used to in New York just because of the dryness out here.

So knowing your true body water percentage would be your best guide, since the intake may vary from individual and location one to another.

Hope that helps!

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