Hypothyroid Disease and Glutathione: I Got My Life Back!

by Greta Flippen
(Port St. Lucie, Florida)

Greta Before And After

Greta Before And After

My name is Greta Flippen. I operate a hair salon in Port St. Lucie, Florida . I have had various health challenges over the years, including hypothyroid disease, fibromyalgia, and petite mal epilepsy.

My height is 5’3” and I weighed close to 200 pounds, and had nodules on my goiter, due to the hypothyroidism. I had chronic pain and depression from the fibromyalgia (FM). I experienced generalized seizures, low serotonin levels, and lack of focus from the epilepsy. To top it off, I was having heart problems and kidney problems due to the excessive amounts of prescription drugs I was taking.

Due to the severity of my problems, I had prayed, vowing to do whatever it took to gain back my health. My blessing was my mother who had heard about a natural supplement called Glutathione Precursor, and a friend who got me started on the product. I began taking 4 packs a day of the Glutathione Precursor 5 years ago.

I am no longer obese. Weight loss occurred within 2 weeks. Much of the weight gain was water weight that came as a result of all the drugs I had been taking. I began weaning myself off those drugs, and I dropped from a size 22,nearly a size 24 – to a size 14, in 2 weeks!

I no longer have chronic pain. Within 3 months my pain was gone with Glutathione Precursor.

I very seldom have “controlled seizures” or what I call “auras” at all anymore. My depression has improved greatly without any synthetic drugs. I no longer have heart or kidney problems due to prescribed overdosing of synthetic drugs. Due to my choice of nutraceuticals over pharmaceuticals, my health has undeniably improved. I had nuclear testing done, and my M.D. said I no longer have the nodules on my goiter. My doctors are amazed at the way I look after losing so much weight, as I still have the elasticity in my skin. My M.D.s have agreed for me to stay on this patented natural glutathione enhancer, due to the medical validation. My neurologist OK'd the Glutathione Precursor, Omega 3s, and a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement. My serotonin levels are closer to normal. He said I have no need now for any of the prescription drugs, which were causing me many unwanted side effects.

I can focus again and I feel I have optimum health. In fact, my health just keeps getting better and better!

And that’s not all. My 4 year old grandson Siare comes to see me during the summer and stays for 3 months. He knows my regimen now: as he awakens from his sleep he says, “Nonnie, it’s time for my Glutthione Precursor. ” And I wondered how could a child want to take it so faithfully? Well, after returning home from his vacation, and a back to school check up, Siare’s Mom found out that he suffers from the sickle cell anemia trait. He gets swollen joints, and it can cause uncontrollable nosebleeds and high body temperature. So we started him on Glutathione Precursor, and even a 4 year old knows it helped him feel better fast! It will be interesting the next time the doctor does a blood test on Siare!

I’ve known for a long time that for my seizures, I needed a 3 pack regimen. However, I told myself that I couldn’t afford it, and I felt better over all from the other ailments, so I thought a 2 pack regimen would hold me, which was false reasoning on my part.

In order for me to completely convey to my doctors through their medical testing the power of Glutathione Precursor. I started my 3 pack regimen. Not only have I improved with my seizures, but I no longer am diagnosed with sleep apnea. Also the cyst on my brain has not grown at all since 2007, and I’ve tested negative 3 times now for hypothyroid disease, diabetes, heart, blood; and my weight has stayed the same for 3 years. I have been told to lose the 10 lbs already. I have started an exercise program finally. I’m so grateful and feel so blessed for my being able to take control over my body ailments.

This product has given me my life back. Try it and see how Glutathione Precursor can change YOUR life!

Greta F., Port St. Lucie, Florida

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