Is drinking raw milk the same as taking Immunocal?

by Matt

I do have access to raw milk dairy farm, so is that a sufficient method of raising my glutathione levels? Will that not basically have the same effect as taking Immunocal, or does Immunocal raise glutathione even better than ingesting raw milk?

Thanks so much for your excellent question. That is very good news! You are certainly very fortunate to have regular access to raw milk, and that is very good for you, and I would recommend you continue to drink it to raise your glutathione.

To compare the glutathione raising power of one box of Immunocal to raw milk, it is good to know that every box of Immunocal takes over 100 gallons of raw milk to produce. So to get the same benefits, you would have to consume 100 gallons of raw milk, along with the fat, lactose, and calories.

You can read more about this special undenatured whey protein made from raw milk here.

I would suggest if you are young and in great health, keep drinking raw milk! And if you are over 40 and/or dealing with any health challenges, supplement with the concentrated glutathione enhancing power of Immunocal.

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