Is Organic Soy Lecithin Okay In Whey Protein?

by Michael

I am also dealing with depression. I am trying to purchase another whey protein to supplement with Immunocal because Immunocal contains 9 grams protein per pouch and I would like to get 20 grams before/after each workout.

Your reply is appreciated.


Let's take these one at a time. First off, is organic soy lecithin OK to take in whey protein? Yes, organic soy lecithin is good for you wherever you find it.

If you are dealing with depression and want 20 grams of protein before a workout, I would suggest simply taking 2 pouches of Immunocal before your workout. This will give you 18 grams of protein and help with your depression as glutathione crosses the blood/brain barrier.

Besides Immunocal, which is undenatured whey protein, I don't recommend any particular brand or kind of regular whey protein. They are all pretty much the same and can be used to add protein to the diet without raising glutathione.

Immunotec also has E-Motion Energy Shots and Gels that are designed specifically to give you energy and protein for optimal athletic performance. You can order them here.

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