Parkinson's Disease Has Met Its Match With Me

by Michael Keller
(Manheim, PA, USA)


"Hello, my name is Michael Keller. I am 67 years old and in pretty good health. I'm writing to tell you my story with early onset symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. This is a devastating disease, especially for those of you who know and love family members that are dealing with it. This story is about how I found Laura and, ultimately, Glutathione Precursor, and what difference this has made in my life.

Because I was concerned with my Parkinson's symptoms, I started out by doing scientific research, and I found that there are over 770 medical studies that link glutathione deficiency to Parkinson's Disease. It seemed logical to me that if I was deficient in glutathione, and I raised my glutathione levels, that this might be very helpful to me. I researched how to raise glutathione, and I came across Laura's site, Immune Health Solutions, and Glutathione Precursor. The research studies I found showed that Glutathione Precursor effectively raised glutathione levels, so I contacted her and bought my first box.

When I first contacted Laura about this special glutathione enhancer, I had started to develop some early onset symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. My father had Parkinson's Disease, and I had cared for him for a long period of time, so I am very familiar with PD from my personal experience. Because of this firsthand experience, I was alert to several signals that indicated I was probably dealing with an early onset of Parkinson's Disease myself, and I was very concerned.

Among these signals were uncontrollable hand tremors, which is how my father's disease progression began. I also began noticing a frozen shoulder, and knew that this was also a symptom to look for. When I would walk, I noticed that one arm didn't swing properly, and I was carrying it in a tense position. I also was having balance and awkward gait issues when walking. I was tested in some simple coordination and movement exercises at a local rehabilitation center, and the results suggested that I was dealing with significant neurological impairment consistent with Parkinson's.

I consulted with my physician, showed him my glutathione research, and he encouraged me to pursue my Glutathione Precursor game plan. I first started taking 1 pouch per day. After being on this glutathione accelerator for about two weeks, I noticed that my hand tremors, gait, and balance had all improved. I was feeling stronger, more energetic, and seeing a clear reduction of symptoms. At this point, I was sold on Glutathione Precursor and decided I would take it for the rest of my life.

I am so happy to have found this great natural patented product. After about three months, taking one packet a day, I have to say that Glutathione Precursor has made an amazing difference in my life. My Parkinson's symptoms have almost wholly resolved!  I still have some greatly diminished occasional minor hand tremors, but I am now able to do things with the affected hand that were all but impossible just a few months ago-- like writing, shaving, buttoning my cuffs, flossing, tying my shoes, etc.  A whole host of other health benefits are also evident-- less inflammation in my joints, no pain or restriction in my frozen shoulder, more energy and focus, etc.  My toenails are growing in normally for the first time in 50 years!   I attribute this all to Glutathione Precursor. I have been going to rehab as well, but I am definitely sold on it. I know it has made all the difference. I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and I am just so happy to have found it. I wish everyone that is dealing with this devastating condition called Parkinson's Disease knew about Glutathione Precursor. It is such an effective and simple solution for a very serious and complex disease. I will never stop taking it. Thank you, Laura, for telling me about Glutathione Precursor and giving me my life back!"

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