There Is Real Hope For ALS With Glutathione!

by Frank

We have a friend who is on Glutathione Precursor, and a homeopathic remedy for Lyme Disease, and she is beginning to see some reversal in her condition with ALS.

She was diagnosed this Winter by a specialist and had it confirmed at the Mayo Clinic in Florida. We visited her this week, and we are thrilled to see small gains in strength and speech abilities.

She has been taking multiple doses of Glutathione Precursor since about March. We saw a halt in the ALS progression after 6 weeks or so, and the noticeable gains here in September. Keep it up, and I wish you much success!

P.S. It is thought by some it is the Lyme Disease in the long term that brings about the ALS in the first place.

Yours, Frank

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Oct 29, 2015
Last month doctors diagnosed
by: Anonymous

Last month doctors diagnosed that am suffering from Lyme disease so on of my friend of write my assignment suggest me to treat Lyme disease with homeopathy and am doing homeopathy treatment since last month but still I feel not good do anyone knows here How long did it take to start to feel better

Oct 07, 2015
Good Idea
by: Anonymous

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Apr 23, 2015
Immunocal and ALS
by: Laura

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for your question. I went back and looked at the testimonial to see if Frank, the one who submitted the story, provided an e-mail with his submission. He did not, and I am sorry I am unable to follow up with him.

What I can do is provide you with the research that we have on glutathione and ALS.

Here are some pages for you:

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

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We hope this is helpful to you.


Apr 23, 2015
Lyme Disease induced ALS
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I saw your post and wanted to ask you a cpl questions. About 4 years ago my mom was diagnosed with ALS. During this time we were focusing on many supplements to promote cell growth. Two years later we got a re-diagnosis of Lyme Disease and we are sure that that is what is causing the ALS symptoms. She has been on a Lyme Disease treatment regimen including, IV antibiotics for a year now without much success. In the past 3-4 months, she has declined rapidly. Although she gets a lot of vitamins and nutrients through a smoothie we make her, she is still malnourished because it is very difficult for her to eat. I am now seeking to build her immune system, and get some substantial fats and calories in her. Can you please email me some details about your friends progress? And how far along was she in the ALS symptoms?
Any information would be greatly appreciated...
Thank you,

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