What Cause Glutathione Levels To Test High On A Blood Test?

I am currently 4 months postpartum and breastfeeding. I was concerned my hormones may need some help due to mood issues. My blood shows high glutathione. What would cause this, and is it ok? I have been taking 400-800mg of Source Naturals SAM-e. I am assuming this is it? I have taken 1.5mg of melatonin in the past for a long period of time but have not taken since the birth of my child. I just want to check that this is not concerning in some way. Thank you

Dear Katie,

Optimal glutathione levels are a very good thing. However, high glutathione levels are not possible, since the cell regulates the manufacture of glutathione within the cells and it cannot make too much, through a process called negative feedback inhibition. So your glutathione results may be optimal, which if they are, that is great!

As far as what would cause optimal blood glutathione levels, SAM-e and melatonin are both possibilities, but the fact that you are young and healthy is probably why as well. Glutathione levels may be optimal when you are young and healthy, but they decline with age, most noticeably over 40, and other stressors can aggravate the decline, such as illness, exposure to toxins, and other sources of oxidative stress.

You can read more about all the ways that glutathione can be raised here.

Since the test said you were high, and that is not possible, I am curious which test you had done, and what it showed specifically. Blood glutathione tests are not easily obtained and most doctors don't order this test and don't know how to read the results. It is not part of any standard testing protocol that I know of. But I wouldn't worry about it, in fact be very glad that your levels are optimal, if in fact they are. Most young and healthy people have optimal glutathione levels, and that's a very good thing! This is also good for your baby.

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