What is dosage recommendation of Glutathione Precursor for Leukemia?

What would be the recommended daily dosage of Glutathione Precursor?
My condition is a stage 0 CLL. (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia)

Before answering, I was not familiar with stage 0 for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, so for the benefit of our readers, I looked this up online, and found this additional information:

"Rai stage 0: Lymphocytosis and no enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen, or liver, and with near normal red blood cell and platelet counts."

Before considering dosage, it would be good to familiarize yourself with glutathione and cancer research.

Once you understand why and how Glutathione Precursor can be used to raise your glutathione to combat your health condition, you can consider dosage. For a general overview dosage question that includes the Physician's Desk Reference information, please click here.

You will see that those with an aggressive or serious condition like CLL can consider taking 30-40 grams a day which is 3-4 pouches a day of Glutathione Precursor. This means ordering 3-4 boxes a month, and there are introductory specials that can get you started affordably.

For many, their dosage may be more or less, and may depend on what their budget will allow. You cannot overdose, so I would recommend taking as much as you can afford and need to deal with your health challenge successfully.

For a personal consultation to determine the best dosage for your situation and budget, contact us by e-mail for a personal consultation that can be tailored to your needs.

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