What is the best way to get maximum amount of glutathione?

by Rita

I have early stage Parkinson's Disease and take 7000 mg. NAC and 6000 mg. L-tyrosine, both 2x a day. I take L-Dopa Mucuna, 780 mg. before I take 5HTP for sleep and mood. And about 1T. Mannitol in coffee in the AM. I recently went to a new doctor and he wants me to take a blood test for glutathione. It is very expensive $185 total. He said it goes to a lab in Holland, as it is highly accurate.

I don't know if my budget will be able to handle that. Is there another way I could find out if my levels are good? Should my NAC give good levels of glutathione, or should I look at some other supplement?

I would appreciate your help. Rita

Dear Rita,

Thanks for your excellent question. To my knowledge there is not a reliable test for glutathione readily and easily available. It sounds like you are taking lots of glutathione precursors, so the best way to tell if you have optimal amounts of glutathione is to go by how you feel. If your symptoms are improving on your current dosage, you can stay on it or take a little more and see if there is further improvement. You will get to a point where you feel the best on a certain dosage through trial and error, and paying close attention to your body and symptoms. I find keeping a journal to be very helpful for this.

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