Why dont Doctors Know About Glutathione?

by Thaddeus Bircham
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

I had heavy metal poisoning which led to osteoporosis in my knees to the extent that I could hardly walk. Also I experienced depression and thoughts of suicide, but I have these no more since I raised my glutathione levels.

My wife had cancer over 10 years, went thru the doctors mill, but it metastasized thru her body and she was sent home to die.
One month of raising her glutathione levels, and her hair stopped falling out, and went from white to grey. 8 months later, she no longer had cancer.

So why are Doctors not using the strongest antioxidant known to man?

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Aug 15, 2014
Doctor Education and Training
by: Nathaniel

Dear Thaddeus,

Thank you for your story. One reason doctors do not know about glutathione is it is not part of their curriculum in medical school. If and when the education about glutathione becomes part of mainstream education for doctors, then they will know about it. Until then, those of us that know about it are charged with the responsibility of helping others become aware of it and benefit from it.

The other factor for some doctors may also be profit. There are much higher profit margins in using drugs, surgery, radiation and chemo, than using natural and preventive means to support the body's own immune system.

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