Would You Like To Read A Good Anti Aging Product Review?

We will cover an anti aging product review for two products on this page.

The two products are an undenatured whey protein named Immunocal and an anti aging skin cream that has Immunocal in it called Skin Perfecting Cream.The reason for inclusion on this page is because both products contain bonded cysteine, which is a building block for one of the best proven anti aging nutrients called glutathione.

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We will start with a product named Immunocal. This is an undenatured whey protein that raises glutathione in the body.

What does an anti aging research show us about this product? Let’s look at the anti aging discoveries.

Anti Aging Product Review : Anti Aging Research Discoveries About Immunocal

The best anti aging research comes from the doctors who are conducting double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials.

To view the latest anti aging discoveries, we can access the results by going online to a government website called PubMed. This is sponsored by the National Institute of Health, and contains all of the published research from around the world.

Anti Aging Product Review # 1: Glutathione and Human Aging

To view the medical study online entitled "The influence of dietary whey protein on tissue glutathione and the diseases of aging", click

here. (this link opens in a new window)

This anti aging research for Immunocal found that “ a whey protein diet appears to enhance the liver and heart glutathione concentration in aging mice and to increase longevity over a 6.3 month observation period”.

This study, done in 1989, was the beginning of many studies that were to be done on this product, starting with mice, and then later with human subjects.

Anti Aging Product Review #2: Glutathione, Human Aging and Cysteine Deficiency

To view the medical study online entitled “Oxidative stress and ageing: is ageing a cysteine deficiency syndrome?”, click

here. (this link opens in a new window)

This anti aging research with Immunocal was done in 2005 and was done with human subjects. What they found in part was: “There is growing evidence that oxidative stress increases with age....that loss of youth, health and quality of life may be partly explained by a deficit in cysteine and that the dietary consumption of cysteine is generally suboptimal and everybody is likely to have a cysteine deficiency sooner or later.”

Immunocal, by addressing this state of cysteine deficiency, can neutralize the effect of oxidative stress and help to reverse the loss of youth, or the human aging process. This study also shows that everyone can benefit from raising their glutathione levels, young and old alike.

Anti Aging Product Review #3: Glutathione, Human Aging and Cysteine Deficiency

To view the medical study online entitled “Aberrant insulin receptor signaling and amino acid homeostasis as a major cause of oxidative stress in aging”, click

here. (this link opens in a new window)

This anti aging research was done last year, in 2008 and is similar to the results found in study #2. It also found a link between oxidative stress, cysteine deficiency, and human aging.

So far, we have learned from anti aging discoveries and research that Immunocal raises glutathione, increases longevity, and addresses cysteine deficiency which is partly responsible for loss of youth.

Not bad for a start! You can learn more about the backgrounds of the doctors conducting these studies, along with other comments from well-respected doctors about glutathione here.

Research is ongoing into Immunocal as the perfect anti aging product. Have you every wondered what current research is being conducted on glutathione in the elderly when it comes to cognitive and muscle function?

Find out how Dr. Gustavo Bounous' research has had a tremendous impact on the field of glutathione research into aging today, and how one of Canada's leading research centers is now pioneering the way with additional research.

Join Dr. Jimmy Gutman and his faithful assistant John Molson in this 4 minute ImmunoByte as they fill you in on all the details here:

If you liked that, you'll love this. For a further fascinating discussion on telomere length, what it means to you and your health, and how you can live longer by keeping your glutathione levels high, join Dr. Gutman and John Molson once again as they divulge the full details using shoelaces as an analogy. Yes, shoelaces!

Now that we have seen and heard about the anti aging research for Immunocal, we can review the Skin Perfecting Cream that has Immunocal in it.

There is an anti aging skin cream that contains 10% Immunocal and it is called Skin Perfecting Cream.

For aging skin problems, the same medical studies would help us to see the connection between this anti aging skin cream and its role in raising cysteine, and neutralizing the effect of oxidative stress which are central to the human aging process. In this way it is the best anti aging product for your skin.

In this case, the bonded cysteine in the anti aging skin cream is absorbed directly into the skin upon application. The glutathione is manufactured transdermally, through the skin cells of your face.

This cream can also be used for aging skin problems all over your body, such as your hands, or anywhere you have skin damage such as burns, cuts, or other abrasions. Now wouldn’t you like to have a baby’s skin again? This is a great place to start!

For more anti aging product review, you may visit www.pubmed.gov and type in “aging glutathione” and you will see over 2,600 studies done on this subject alone.

This illustrates the strongly established connection between glutathione and the human aging process.

Now you and I may not be medical professionals, but we can understand this connection by viewing this information.

The studies employ various means for raising glutathione, both pharmaceutical and natural.

All of the ways to raise glutathione can be viewed


Anti Aging Product Review : The Results Are In For Immunocal and Skin Perfecting Cream!

In conclusion, what can we learn from an anti aging product review of Immunocal and Immunotec Skin Perfecting Cream?

That They Work!


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