Buy Immunocal In The Philippines - How Can I Buy Immunocal?

To buy Immunocal in the Philippines:

To purchase Immunocal if you live in the Philippines, we are pleased to inform you of a very easy to use and affordable 3rd party delivery service you may use in the USA.

Please follow these steps carefully:

1: Order your Immunocal here.

2: In the "Shipping Address" field, you should provide the address for the shipping delivery service in Jersey City. Their business is to exclusively re-ship packages from the USA to the Philippines only.*

*DO NOT put your address in the Philippines here. Immunotec cannot ship directly to the Philippines.

Here is what you put in the shipping address field:

C/O Johnny Air Cargo
Attn: Ray Lai
627 E. Summit Ave.
Jersey City NJ 07306-3711

Make sure to provide your valid phone number and e-mail in the Philippines for Johnny Air Cargo to contact you when your order arrives in their warehouse in Jersey City. You should be prepared to give them your address in the Philippines when they call, so they may determine the closest pick up location for you.

Someone from Johnny Air Cargo will be contacting you to arrange your payment to them for re-shipment to the Philippines. You will need to pick it up when it arrives at the location that Johnny Air determines.

Cost will depend on which region of the Philippines you reside in. The costs are very reasonable, however. For example, Johnny Air will re-ship a package of up to 2 pounds, (which would cover 2 boxes of Immunocal), for $10.98 for pickup in Manila.

To find out the charges ahead of time for your particular region in the Philippines, please inquire of the rates for the amount you want to order from Ray at 201-659-5152 or e-mail him at Let him know you want to order Immunocal from Canada, have Johnny Air Cargo receive it for you, and have them re-ship it to you in the Philippines.

Each box of Immunocal weighs 10.6 ounces or 300 grams. Each box of Immunocal Platinum weighs 13.2 ounces or 375 grams. I suggest a minimum shipment of 12 boxes, which will last one person taking 2 pouches a day for 6 months.

A shipment of 12 boxes of Immunocal weighs 8 pounds, and measures 20"x 10" x 9". A shipment of 12 boxes of Immunocal Platinum weighs 10 pounds and is the same size. You may need to provide this information when inquiring for re-shipment prices.

To choose the convenient monthly AutoShip or ImmunoDirect option and get a 20% discount, which is the way I've been getting my Immunocal for the last 9 years, click here, and sign up as a preferred monthly customer.

Everything in your cart will now be at the 20% discount.

Then proceed to checkout. Your first order will ship within 24 hours of placement during the week, and ship thereafter on the day you choose each month.

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