Can glutathione be used to treat tonic clonic seizures?

My 15 year old, otherwise healthy, once radiant granddaughter began having seizures 10 days after well child vaccines in August of 2007. In spite of Lamictal, she still has 1-3 seizures a month, all tonic clonic, with no aura. Half of these occur upon awakening.
Thank you,
Evelyn Olsen

Dear Evelyn,

Thanks so much for your question about tonic clonic seizures. Since I am not a medical doctor, and am an independent consultant for Immunotec, I am well read on the topic of glutathione, so am familiar with terms related to this. I am not familiar with the terms you use related to seizures. The best thing for you to do is to check with your doctor and find out if your granddaughter's condition would be helped by any of these functions of glutathione:

improved antioxidant status

improved immune function

improved energy

improved detoxification*
*This would be important to know if there was mercury in any of her vaccinations, if so, glutathione detoxifies mercury. If the seizures are caused by the mercury poisoning, you should expect to see her improve within a few months on one daily packet of Immunocal. The glutathione that Immunocal raises will also help remove toxic residue in her liver from the Lamictal.

If so, she will find benefits from taking Immunocal. Everyone benefits by raising their glutathione. She may experience indirect benefits or direct ones, depending on the cause of the seizures. The best thing to do is to try it for a few months and see. Since it is a food, and you cannot overdose, it cannot hurt her and will surely benefit her. If you'd like to do this once you have checked with your doctor, go ahead and select Option 2, ImmunoDirect, here for a 20% Preferred Customer discount, and order one box a month for three months. You will know by then how it is helping her and whether or not you'd like to continue.

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