Can Glutathione Help With Diabetes?

by Evelyn
(Kissimmee fl)

My baby has Diabetes. Can this help to control her glucose levels? She is 23 months old, and she is taking insulin. What can this product do for her?


Thanks for submitting your question. It's important that you understand I am not a medical doctor and cannot give medical advice. It sounds like you are taking your baby to see the doctor and he is monitoring her progress, and this is good.

There are several factors that go into preventing diabetes. You can read about this here.

Additionally, there are some testimonials that you can read about from others who have been assisted by glutathione with their diabetes.

Here is a testimonial about complications of diabetes being reversed with glutathione.

Testimonials are not substitutes for published research, however, which is the focus of the first page I directed you to on preventing diabetes.

In conclusion, Glutssthione Precursor does one thing- it raises glutathione, and this helps indirectly with many of the issues diabetics suffer from.

In addition to raising glutathione, Immunocal Platinum also helps to address the metabolism of blood sugar, so if you would like to try Immunocal Platinum for your daughter, you an order one box here. To qualify for a 20% or 30% discount on your order, please click here.

One pouch a day will be plenty for her first month, so one box is sufficient for your first order. I will follow up with you after your order. You should be able to tell from follow up visits with your doctor how it is assisting her.

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