Can Glutathione help with Polyclonal Hyperglobulinemia?

by TobbyCart

Elevated Globulin non- specific.

Here is what I found on a web search for the definition of Polyclonal Hyperglobulinemia:

Polyclonal: Descended from more than one small groups of cells, especially ones of different genetic origin.

Hyperglobulinemia: A condition characterized by abnormally large amounts of globulins in the blood.

I am not familiar with this condition, so I did a search at PubMed using the following search terms:

"Polyclonal Hyperglobulinemia Glutathione"

"Polyclonal Hyperglobulinemia Oxidative Stress"

Neither search brought up any results, or medical studies that have been published relating these terms together.

According to Wikipedia, "Globulin in human biochemistry is one of the three types of serum proteins, the others being albumin and fibrinogen. Some globulins are produced in the liver, while others are made by the immune system... Protein electrophoresis is used to categorize globulins into the following four categories:

Alpha 1 globulins
Alpha 2 globulins
Beta globulins
Gamma globulins (one group of gamma globulins are immunoglobulins, that function as antibodies)"

Focusing on immunity, a further search for "polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia immune" brought up 143 results.

Glutathione Precursor raises glutathione, which is your body's major antioxidant. It is also food for your immune system. Based on these three search terms, I am not able to determine that there is published research that raising your glutathione with Glutathione Precursor will assist with Polyclonal Hyperglobulinemia. However, it is possible that since glutathione feeds your immune system, if this condition relates to immunoglobulins, that raising your glutathione may be beneficial. The best way to find out is to try it and see.

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