Can Glutathione Help With Seizures?


Yes. Here's why:

Notice what Dr. Jimmy Gutman, world-renowned expert on the subject of glutathione, has to say in his latest bestseller, "Glutathione - Your Key To Health", page 188:

"Since glutathione directly affects the activity of brain cells, it is called a neuromodulator. Japanese scientists K. Abe, K. Nakanishi and H. Saito protected animals from drug-induced seizures by injecting glutathione directly into the fluid of the brain and spinal cord.

Canadians at Toronto Western Hospital showed that combined vitamin E and glutathione reduced the number of brain cells damaged after seizure activity. In Texas, S.G. Jenkinson, J.M. Jordan and C.A. Duncan were able to protect laboratory animals from seizures and death by injecting them with glutathione, and Italians at the University of Milan successfully prevented seizures caused by Isoniazid - a tuberculosis medication - by administering patients with glutathione beforehand.

Several scientists have used N-acetylcysteine (NAC, see Chapter 4) , a powerful glutathione precursor, to treat seizures, and Swedish researchers led by E. Ben-Menachem applied it to patients suffering from progressive myoclonic epilepsy - a particularly hard-to-treat disease that gradually destroys the nervous system. Patients given a daily dose of 6 grams showed marked improvements, and an American team from Gainesville, Florida used NAC, vitamin E, B2, zinc, and selenium to treat this type of seizure, obtaining similar improvements.

Free radical formation and oxidative stress can be seen as both a cause and a result of seizures, and conditions that diminish glutathione levels - including the use of anti-seizure drugs themselves - may well lower glutathione levels as well.

Since glutathione is also itself an anticonvulsant, it may be used as a complementary therapy to both treat and prevent seizures as well as to lessen the adverse effects of conventional drugs."

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