Can Glutathione Help With Surgery, Burns, or Trauma?


Yes. Here's why:

These three conditions are covered together in Dr. Jimmy Gutman's latest bestseller, - "Glutathione - Your Key to Health", page 172,175, and 176:

"Trauma is any sort of injury, including the emotional trauma of divorce or the physical trauma of a broken hip. In this chapter, we will talk mostly of physical trauma even though emotional trauma is also known to deplete glutathione (GSH). Motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and falls are common examples of accidental trauma.

Intentional trauma includes everything from gunshot wounds to surgical procedures. Burns may be caused by heat, chemicals, or radiation. Radiation burns are discussed in Chapter 2, and sunburn and UV (ultraviolet) burns in Chapter 22.

Glutathione, antioxidant protection, immune defenses, and oxidative stress play an important role in all of these conditions. High or low levels of GSH have a significant effect on the susceptibility, tolerance, and degree of injury, as well as the recovery time and outcome...

Surgery, burns, trauma, and shock are all complex events, consisting of a series of biochemical, anatomical, phsyiological and immune responses. Oxidative stress and the release of free radicals are inevitable in the initial injury, the subsequent inflammatory reactions and the healing processes. Glutathione, an integral part of our body's mechanism to minimize the damage and promote healing, acts both as an antioxidant and to support the immune system.

The value of antioxidant supplementation and nutritional support has been underestimated in the past, but new approaches to this problem are being developed and attitudes are changing. Strategies to maintain or increase glutathione enzyme systems have been beneficial in preliminary trials and show promise in the treatment of major trauma, surgery and burn management protocols."

So, as mentioned, glutathione especially in its role as antioxidant and immune optimizer can do much to help with surgery, burns, and/or cases of trauma. One clinically researched supplement that raises and sustains your glutathione is Immunocal.

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

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