Can I Buy Immunocal At My Local Drug Store?

by Patrick
(New Jersey)

Short Answer:

Yes, you may be able to, but it will cost you more than buying it through a consultant if you are personally paying for it.

The Details:

Since Immunocal is listed in the PDR and is covered by Medicare or Medicaid in certain limited cases, it is quite possible if you have a prescription that your local drug store will be able to order Immunocal from Immunotec's Medical Division for you.

They can look it up in the PDR or get company info on coverage here.

Unless you have it covered by insurance, most buy from a consultant like myself to get the best price. Buying at a drug store is generally more expensive. To verify, you are welcome to call your local drug store and ask them if they can order Immunocal for you from Immunotec's Medical Division. It is from Immunotec in Montreal, Quebec, and ask them to find out what it would cost you to private pay for it. You may not need a prescription, but you can ask the pharmacist and they will tell you.

I can provide Immunocal to you for either $99 or $79.20 on autoship a box, plus tax and shipping. If you order a couple boxes a month, you get a free box your third month, so that brings the autoship price to around $68 a box.

Consultants wanting to start a business with an investment can open a wholesale account which brings the cost with free box to just under $60 a box, which is what Immunocal sold for back in 1996 when they first starting doing business publicly.

I would be pleased to set you up with your best option.

Please call me if I can assist on my Ordering Hotline: 602-234-9843, or order securely online here.

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