Do you provide free samples?

by Natalie

Hello just a question regarding Immunocal. Would you have any samples I can try please? I believe I have low glutathione levels. I would like to try it before purchasing. Thank you.

Kind regards .
Natalie C.


Thanks for your great question. Many people want to try a sample to see if it helps them before buying. The truth of the matter is, when you have low glutathione levels, it takes time, sometimes 2 -3 months, before you will notice a difference. Raising your glutathione produces gradually noticeable benefits, similar to what you would notice from lifelong good health habits, like drinking lots of water, or taking vitamins daily.

So I do not provide free samples, as taking one or two pouches will not produce any noticeable changes in your health. However, Immunotec is willing to make you an even better offer than providing free samples. When you make your first purchase, regardless of how many boxes you purchase on your first order, you are eligible to return them within 30 days for 100% of your full purchase price, less shipping, if for any reason you feel it did not help you at all.

So in reality, Immunotec is willing to provide your first box or boxes for 100% free, all you pay is shipping both ways, if you try it and decide it doesn't work for you. That is the best way to try Immunocal out. That's better than any deal I can personally provide for you. They can do this because they are confident that Immunocal will be effective for you long term.

If you are only going to give it a month, I would recommend trying 2 or 3 boxes your first month and taking 2 or 3 pouches a day and taking it up until the full 30 day period.

Now that's what I call a win- win!

Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

When you are ready to order, you may do so here.

To qualify for a 40% discount on your first order, please click here.

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