Does glutathione help a person with multiple food intolerance and food allergies?

I have many foods that I cannot eat, and would like to know if glutathione can help.


Multiple food intolerance and food allergies are complicated issues.

Let's take food intolerance, for example. Many people cannot tolerate wheat, gluten or dairy for various reasons. Much would depend on why the person is intolerant - has it always been that way, or did something change in their system to make the body's response to the food change? Is there a need for food enzymes or probiotic supplements? These are questions for your doctor for your specific food intolerance.

A true food allergy, however is different. It is more severe than an intolerance, and may be seen through an anaphylactic response, like hives or extreme swelling. An allergy is an immune response. It is the result of your immune system mistaking something good for something bad, and it attempts to destroy it.

Food allergies cause inflammation and this occurs because of imbalances in the gut, which is like our secondary immune system. On this subject, I highly recommend Chapter 9 entitled "Fix your Digestion" in Dr. Mark Hyman's book "The UltraMind Solution." This can be purchased using my "Book Store" link here.

Dr. Hyman is a practitioner of Functional Medicine and can help in this area.

One of the functions of glutathione is it is an immune system balancer or optimizer. If your immune system is overactive, or you have a true food allergy, glutathione can re-balance your immune system to overcome the allergic response. You can learn more about glutathione and your immune system here.

A food intolerance should be addressed through a digestive specialist. You may need additional supplements or may need to avoid the sensitive food altogether.

If you'd like to raise and sustain your glutathione, I recommend Immunocal.

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