Does Glutathione Help With Partial Complex and Generalized Seizure Disorder?

by Sarah

Dear Sarah,

For questions like this, I go to PubMed and type in the search term in the box along with "glutathione" or "oxidative stress", since glutathione is your master antioxidant, and is very powerful to combat oxidative stress on a cellular level.

This gives me an idea if there is any research on this topic. If there is, I scan it. Since I'm not a doctor, I only use this as a guideline to see if the research exists. Lots of studies indicate more research and a higher likelihood it will be beneficial. The introduction and conclusion of the abstract usually yields the main gist of the study results.

For "partial complex seizures glutathione", 0 results.

For "generalized seizures glutathione": 201 results, link here.

For "generalized seizures oxidative stress" : 329 results, link here.

For "complex seizures oxidative stress" : 20 results, link here.

At first glance, it looks like there is more published research on glutathione and generalized seizures. There's enough for you to realize that there's a very good chance that raising your glutathione will help for this condition.

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