Does Glutathione Protect Against Heart Disease?

I have been told that glutathione may play a factor in preventing heart disease. Is this true, and if so, how and why?


Glutathione's role as a protector for your heart is well researched.

Dr. Jimmy Gutman is the world's leading expert on glutathione, and in his latest bestseller, "Glutathione- Your Key To Health", he devotes a whole chapter to this subject, discussing glutathione's role regarding plaque formation, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, reperfusion injury, and circulation. Note his conclusion on page 95:

"Glutathione has been shown to diminish the oxidation of fats (lipid peroxidation), decrease circulating cholesterol, minimize the inflammatory response around arteriosclerotic plaque, stabilize platelets and protect the sensitive lining of the arteries. These are all important ways to combat hardening of the arteries and subsequent heart disease. Glutathione also diminishes damage to oxygen-deprived tissue during ischemia, and also during the subsequent complications of reperfusion.

Cardiovascular disease has had a huge impact on our population. It is to a great degree preventable, and strategies for raising GSH should go hand-in-hand with a responsible diet and life-style. Such measures can prevent and may even help reverse this all-too-common illness.

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Feb 04, 2015
You are welcome.
by: Nathaniel

I hope you found it beneficial.

Dec 29, 2014
Thank you
by: Anonymous

This information is very helpful, thank you.

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