Does glutathione slow down the aging process?


Here is a very intriguing question. The short answer is yes. Allow me to explain.

Many top researchers now believe that the bio-marker responsible for determining a person’s aging process is the telomere of the chromosome.

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells and every cell contains a nucleus. Inside the nucleus are the chromosomes that contain your genes. The chromosome is made up of two “arms,” and each arm contains a single molecule of DNA, which is essentially a string of beads made up of units called bases.

A typical DNA molecule is about 100 million bases long. The last 15,000 of these bases is the telomere. It is believed that you are conceived with 15,000 telomeres, born with 10,000, and die when the number reaches approximately 5,000.

So diet and exercise alone will not stop the telomere shortening process which leads to aging and ultimately death.

You can, however, accelerate your telomere shortening with an unhealthy lifestyle such as obesity, lack of exercise, psychological stress and smoking, which all cause oxidative stress and excessive free radical formation.

Decrease your free radicals with your body's master antioxidant, glutathione, and now you are on to something.

If you eat healthy, exercise, reduce your stress levels, and raise and sustain your glutathione levels as the master antioxidant, you will reduce oxidative stress, the amount of free radicals in your cells.

This in turn will reduce the rate of your telomere shortening, and slow down the human aging process.

Here's a brief video about telomores, aging, and glutathione:

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