Glutathione Gave Him More Energy and Time

Can raising glutathione (GSH) help give someone more energy and reduce their need for sleep?

Read Benjamin's story. He had so much he wanted to get done in a day, time and energy were very precious. Find out how he got it all done here:

The following case study is taken from Dr. Jimmy Gutman's latest bestseller- "Glutathione - Your Key to Health", page 181-182:

"Benjamin, a 44 year-old physician, always wanted a 36-hour day so he'd have time to see his patients, do his research, practice his music, stay in shape and spend more time with his wife and children. Like many other professionals, time and energy were at a premium. Aware of the effects of GSH on the immune system, he took a course of vitamins, selenium and amino acids in the hope of more easily fighting off the viral illnesses to which he was exposed daily.

He incorporated a bioactive whey protein isolate into his regimen, wishing to take advantage of its GSH precursors, and was soon waking up from 30 to 60 minutes before his alarm went off, and he felt just as refreshed. Now he regularly works later into the evening."

The bioactive whey protein isolate that Benjamin took is called Glutathione Precursor.. This along with giving attention to good nutrition boosted his energy levels so he could live a fuller, more productive life.

You can learn specifically why raising his glutathione helped him in this way by reading what Dr. Jimmy Gutman has to say about glutathione and sleep here.

If you would like to experience these results for yourself, you may do so here.

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