Can Glutathione Improve My Sleep?


Yes. Here's why:

The relationship between Glutathione (GSH) and sleep is summed up by Dr. Jimmy Gutman in his latest bestseller "Glutathione - Your Key to Health" on page 181, here:

"Certain tissues are more susceptible to GSH depletion than others. Measuring glutathione levels in specific areas of the brain of sleep-deprived animals reveals that the thalamus and hypothalamus are particularly susceptible. The vulnerability of these tissues may contribute to some of the functional effects of sleep deprivation.

Oxidized glutathione (GSSG) is an active component of the neurochemical SPS (sleep promoting substance). Researchers at the Tokyo Medical University showed that high levels of oxidized glutathione promote sleep and affect other hypothalamic functions, such as temperature control. The same team also suggests that GSH detoxifies neuronal tissues more actively during certain periods of sleep. This may explain why those taking GSH-enhancing products like Immunocal often report less need for sleep yet feel more energetic."

You can read 44 year-old physician Benjamin's story about glutathione and sleep here.

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