Health or immune system question?

I'm just wondering, how many times per year do you get sick with a cold, flu, or other type of bug or virus?

My husband and I are both 24 years old. It seems everyone I know gets sick at the very least once per year if not more, even if it's just with a mild cold.

But I have not been sick in 6 years and before then, I had not been sick in about 3-4 years. I'm not complaining, but I am wondering if this is abnormal compared to the majority of people.

My husband was sick with a cold TWICE while I was pregnant and I thought with my weakened immune system I'd for sure get sick, but to my shock, I didn't.

Then he was just sick again and I did not get sick, thankfully neither did my 5 month old because I kept my son away from him and made sure I was on top of hand washing and germ spreading.

I have had ALL of my co-workers sick and I didn't catch anything.

2 years ago when we had 6 roommates EVERYONE in the house, including my husband got sick, and I thought for sure I would, but I didn't.

Even as a child I remember being jealous of my sister who got to stay home sick regularly because I was lucky if I got sick once per year and got to stay home sick.

And on the rare event I did get sick, it was very short-lived.

I once had a fever of 105.8 when I was in 4th grade. I had to be in the hospital, and they did blood tests and such and could not figure out what was wrong. They wanted to give me these 3 shots in my bum. I screamed and refused and my mother didn't force me, and would not let them hold me down.

And so they let me have some type of oral medicine, antibiotics of some kind instead. But the Dr. told me if I vomited it up they would force me to take the shots. Well, I vomited it all up, but the next day, my fever broke, and I was in tip-top shape.

It only lasted 2 days and I got better on my own. The doctors were stunned, but none of them could explain what was wrong with me, and why I was sick. Even more of a shock to them was why and how I got better on my own. It must have been some type of an infection, and my body took care of it on its own, because they did say in the blood tests that I had an abnormally high number of white blood cells.

Anyway, all my friends and my husband and his family all get sick several times per year. I'm glad I have such a great immune system, but there is no reason as to why I should.

I was not breastfed, I was fed soy formula. I do not take vitamins or anything extra. I do not even exercise that often or at all really. And I do not have an exceptionally healthy diet. In fact, I was fed a VERY unhealthy diet as a child. I was raised on frozen dinners and canned goods and take-out as a child. My mother was too lazy too cook. So I should be unhealthy and have a poor immune system, but I don't.

My husband and I just find it odd.

So anyway, how often do you get sick in a year?



You are a very fortunate person.

I can't remember the last time I was sick, but I have been taking a supplement that boosts my adaptive immune system. I used to get sick quite often.

It sounds like you are very fortunate to have great genes- to be born with a strong innate immune system. This is very rare nowadays, and you have much to be thankful for.

Most of us need to do things to boost our adaptive immune system, which is what I do, but you, my friend, are one of the very fortunate ones.

Count your blessings!

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