How Does Immunocal Compare To Other Undenatured Whey Protein Isolates or Concentrates?

There are an increasing number of products in the marketplace that claim to be undenatured whey protein concentrates or undenatured whey protein isolates.

The question to be considered is this: Whether or not these claims are true, what are you getting for your dollar? You want the most effective and potent product for your dollar, which is exactly what Immunocal provides. Consider the following:

First of all, the nutritional value is unrelated to the product’s biological property. Dr Gustavo Bounous, discoverer of Immunocal, explains it this way:

Milk Serum (Whey) Protein Concentrate

In the early 1980s,12-14 it was discovered that normal mice fed a whey protein concentrate (WPC), especially prepared under mild non-denaturing conditions, exhibited a marked increase in antibody production in response to a T cell dependent antigen. This product (hereafter designated as “the patented WPC”) was patented in recognition of its immuno-sustaining and GSH (glutathione) promoting activity. The immuno-sustaining effect of the protein mixture, unrelated to its nutritional efficiency, was further confirmed by the demonstration of the protective effect of this dietary treatment against pneumococcal infection. This unique property has been defined as the “bioactivity” of the product.

Cellular GSH is a tightly regulated system; hence, substantially increased values are not anticipated in normal animals. There is, however, an increased demand for GSH during the proliferation of lymphocytes in the development of an immune response and, following that expansion, in the production of antibodies, and helper and cytolytic T lymphocytes.

When GSH stores are “used up,” or depleted, the bioactive proteins present in the patented WPC help maintain GSH levels, thus supporting an optimal immune response."

What does this mean to you?

Even though a company may manufacture a product that possesses all the protein fractions and the appropriate cysteine content, this does not mean that it also possesses the same biological property as Immunocal.

The ONLY way to demonstrate this property exits is to examine clinical outcomes. As we have done, you set up a formalized clinical trial and show statistical significance against set of biological end points. There are 25 years of research behind Immunocal demonstrating unequivocally that the property exists.

Immunocal is a unique formulation developed by Dr. Bounous who was the first in the world to describe the said property 25 years ago. The cysteine content is one of a host of things that is responsible for the biological property.

A second way to look at this is based on potency:

Let’s say the undenatured whey protein has some of the said "biological property”. How much of the competing whey protein would you have to take to have a similar effect as Immunocal?

Then the issue becomes a math question - 5 times the competing product at x price vs. 1 pack of Immunocal at y price. In reality, you are getting the most value for your dollar, unequivocally, with Immunocal.

In summary, when comparing Immunocal to other undenatured whey proteins, focus on:

1) Immunocal's unique formulation

2) Immunocal's unique production process

3) The nutritional value and biological value are unrelated

4) 25 years of research proving & developing the mechanism of action

5) Immunotec is without question the World Leader in the field of whey derived immuno-nutrition

6) Potency- value for your dollar

Please also join us for this brief 3 minute description of Biological Value with Dr. Jimmy Gutman and John Molson here:


Immunocal is the most effective, safe, and natural way to raise and sustain your glutathione.

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