How fast will I see results?

by Guylene Lawler
(Victorville, CA)

I am a 56 year old healthy woman. I am about 5'2" and weigh about 125lbs. I was having a gallbladder problem and went to the hospital. They found a mass in my left lower abdomen. I was diagnosed with a tumor 9cc by 6cc and was told it was an in operable tumor called a spindle cell tumor. I am seeking alternative treatment rather than the normal radiation and chemotherapy. I have chosen to go to another country for treatment. I will be leaving within the next two weeks. A nurse at the hospital told me about glutathione and I would like more information. What can it do for me?


Raising your glutathione levels with Immunocal has demonstrated excellent results through published research. You may read more about Immunocal here, glutathione and cancer prevention here, and glutathione and cancer research here. If you'd like to start taking Immunocal immediately, you can order Immunocal here. We'll follow up with you once you place your order and make sure you are on the right dosage and get the results you are looking for.

You may also wish to sign up for the free video e-mail series that is offered on the first page I link to here. There are some testimonials in the series about glutathione and cancer.

As far as how fast you will see results, your glutathione levels will rise the same day you start taking Immunocal, but as far as what you will notice and when as far as your tumor is concerned, is difficult to say, as each individual case varies.

Also, if you are choosing another form of treatment for your cancer, such as surgery, or another course of treatment, you may also raise your glutathione levels with Immunocal as an adjunctive treatment, or one that you take along with your preferred choice of treatment.

You mentioned you will not be using chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but for the benefit of our readers, taking Immunocal along with these treatments is beneficial as well, as the raised glutathione levels can decrease of eliminate the negative side effects from these therapies.

I wish you all the best in your choice of treatment!

You can order Immunocal here.

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