Immune System Research - What Does It Show, And Is There Proof That Glutathione Can Boost My Immune System?

Immune system research isn’t just for medical professionals.

It is for you and I as well to know if a particular supplement or treatment actually has medical and scientific validation.

Immune system research is now showing that glutathione is one of the most powerful supplements to boost your immune system.

I have included a few studies for your perusal, and they are all found at the National Institute of Health’s online directory of published medical studies, You can

learn more about PubMed here.

There are many more studies done on “immune system” and “glutathione” than I will show here, but I have selected eight that will get you started.

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Immune System Research: Eight Published Studies

I have compiled a selection of eight published studies that you can access directly online through the following links.

Over the course of 30 years, the original studies began with mice, which progressed to human clinical trials, which then laid the foundation for the method of use patents and listing in the Physician's Desk Reference for human consumption.

  • Here is a straightforward immune system research study showing how a whey protein concentrate raises glutathione, thereby boosting the immune system:

    For “The immunoenhancing property of dietary whey protein concentrate”, click here. (this link opens in a new window)

  • Another simple immune system research study:

    For “The antioxidant system”, click

    here. (this opens in a new window),

  • Immunocompromised individuals such as those with HIV may find this next study helpful:

    For “Whey proteins as a food supplement in HIV-seropositive individuals”, click here. (this opens in a new window)

  • This study demonstrates the effect of glutathione on the immune system of mice:

    For ”Immunoenhancing property of dietary whey protein in mice: role of glutathione” click here. (this opens in a new window)

  • For ”Mechanism of altered B-cell response induced by changes in dietary protein type in mice”, click here. (this link opens in a new window)

  • For “Differential effect of dietary protein type on the B-cell and T-cell immune responses in mice”, click here. (this link opens in a new window)

  • For “Changes in biliary secretory immunoglobulins A in mice fed whey proteins”, click


  • (this link opens in a new window)

  • For “Influence of dietary protein type on the immune system of mice”, click

    here. (this link opens in a new window)

Immune System Research : What the Doctors are Saying

Regarding immune system research, note what three prominent doctors are saying about the undenatured whey protein used in these studies and your immune system:

Dr. James Balch:

    • Graduated with honors from the University of Indiana School of Medicine.

    • Spent over 30 years as a urologist in private practice before devoting his career to nutritional healing.

    • Member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons, and board certified by the American Board of Urology.

    • Is recognized as a prominent authority on nutrient healing.

    • Is author of several books including the best seller, Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

“It’s my opinion that everyone should be taking Immunocal. Today, there’s no better way to boost your immune system. “

Dr. Wulf Droge:

    • A world renowned research scientist and Senior Vice-President, Research & Development, Immunotec Inc.

    • Has over 250 publications and is internationally known in the field of redox physiology and aging research.

    • Has over 40 years of active experience in basic and clinical research.

    • For almost 30 years he served as professor of immunology and cell biology at the University of Heidelberg and head of the Department of Immunochemistry at the National Cancer Research Center of Germany.

    • Was the first to describe the effect of glutathione on the immune response.

“Many studies of my laboratory at the German Cancer Research Center support the conclusion that Immunocal is effective in maintaining a strong immune system . . . Through its special structural properties, Immunocal overcomes a cellular deficiency that is most commonly seen in old age … This deficiency affects most notably the cells of the immune system and is associated with an increased incidence of infections. Elderly people are therefore the first to feel the benefits if regularly consuming Immunocal . . . young people are well advised to also consume Immunocal regularly. It is good advice to be prepared at all times.”

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP:

    •Author of several best selling books on glutathione.

    •Former professor at McGill University Medical school

    •Original specialty was emergency medicine

    •Currently practices family medicine and appears on numerous TV and radio shows discussing the role of glutathione in health and disease.

    Note his comments taken from his latest bestseller,"Glutathione - Your Key to Health”:

    “The immune system uses various cells to fight off infection and other threats and the healthy growth and activity of these cells depends upon the availability of glutathione (GSH).

    Glutathione is at the heart of all immune functions and low GSH levels are seen in many diseases, especially AIDS which is characterized by a severely compromised immune system. Raising and maintaining GSH levels can minimize the risk of these diseases...Without question, the best type of preventive medicine is an optimized immune system and a critical strategy to optimize it is by feeding it GSH.

    Immune System Research : Method-of-Use Patents

    Immune system research has laid the basis for a number of Method-of-Use Patents to be issued in several countries for this brand of undenatured whey protein. This type of patent is only issued when it is proven scientifically that the product does what it says it does. It is different and more difficult to obtain than a Composition Patent. It is based on proven scientific research.

    To view the patent issued by the United States Patent Office for “Undenatured whey protein concentrate to improve active systemic humoral immune response”, click

    here. (this link opens in a new window)

    To view the patent issued by the United States Patent Office for “Method of treatment of HIV-seropositive individuals with dietary whey proteins”, click

    here. (this link opens in a new window)

    There are currently 75 International Patents that have been granted by various countries for this product for various medical applications. This number will continue to grow as additional patents that have been applied for are granted.

    For information on patents issued internationally in other countries, or for additional patents granted in the United States for this product, please

    contact us.

    Immune System Research : Physician's Desk Reference Listing and Presentation on FDA Website

    To view the listing from the Physician's Desk Reference for Immunocal, a glutathione enhancer, click here. (this opens in a new window)

    Within this listing, it is stated that "(Glutathione) is essential for the immune system to exert its full potential....every system in the body can be affected by the state of the glutathione system, especially the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system, and the lungs."

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also posted a Power Point Presentation on it's website about Immunocal and the studies that have been done regarding the immune system. You can see these slides by clicking here. (this link opens in a new window)

    You may want to choose "view graphic version" and view slides 13-16. These slides demonstrate that immune deficiency has been closely linked with glutathione deficiency and may also play a key role in HIV treatment.

    Check out slide 28 to see a list of things you may be taking in on a regular basis that lower your glutathione levels.

    In conclusion, these immune system research studies and resulting comments by medical professionals have formed the basis for the undenatured whey protein Immunocal to make the claim that it is the only dietary supplement scientifically proven to consistently raise glutathione levels and thereby enhance the human immune system.

    Dr. Jimmy Gutman is the world's most published author on the subject of glutathione. His current bestseller is entitled "Glutathione - Your Key To Health."

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