Is IV Glutathione Safe And What Are Possible Side Effects?

by Ana Liza
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

I am 49 years of age,and I weigh 100lbs. I have dark spots on my face. Will taking IV glutathione or injectable glutathione remove them?

Let's answer your three questions separately.

1: "Is IV glutathione safe?"

Yes, as long as you are following the proper guidelines for administration.

2: "What are the possible side effects of IV Glutathione?"

Glutathione has several beneficial functions in the body. Please read Benefits of Glutathione for more on this.

Click here for glutathione side effects.

For a list of the benefits of IV Glutathione in particular, in comparison with taking the building blocks for your cells to make it, please read my injectable glutathione page.

3: "Will taking injectable glutathione remove the dark spots on your face?"

That is not likely. Most of the research that has been done on the effect of glutathione have to do with the 5 main qualities referred to in this page of glutathione benefits.

See Why Doesn't Glutathione Lighten My Skin? for more information on this.

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