What Is A Glutathione Injection?

What is a glutathione injection? To start off with, you may want a brief refresher on what glutathione is, so click to learn more.

Now, what is a glutathione IV? Well, there are many terms that may be used for this, and will use these terms interchangeably throughout the page. The terms glutathione injections, glutathione IV, injectable glutathione,and iv glutathione all refer to the same thing. What exactly do these terms refer to?

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What Are Glutathione Injections?

glutathione injection

Very simply, when you administer intravenous glutathione,, you are introducing glutathione into your bloodstream via a needle in a medical environment, in a similar way to when you get a shot in the doctors office or have an IV drip of fluids into your veins. IV stands for intravenous, or "into the veins." The reason people have a glutathione IV is to raise their glutathione levels in their bloodstream.

So how effective is injectable glutathione? Let's find out.

Glutathione Injections- Do They Work?

Yes, IV glutathione is effective in raising your glutathione values temporarily or short-term. It is one of many ways to raise your glutathione.

Are there any drawbacks to having glutathione injections?

  1. One drawback to getting a glutathione IV is its short half life, which means your levels will rise and fall rapidly. Blood glutathione levels will peak following administration, and then taper off in some cases to even lower levels of glutathione than you had before the glutathione injection. Long term, this would not be helpful to you. This creates the need for several expensive repeated treatments.
  2. Injectable glutathione also does not raise glutathione in your lymphocytes, or white blood cells, where it can strengthen your immune system. It only raises glutathione in your blood serum. The glutathione molecule is not able to enter into your whilte blood cells. So if you want to raise glutathione to strengthen your immune system, IV glutathione is not a good choice for you.
  3. Glutathione injections are unable to cross the blood/brain barrier, so cannot effectively raise glutathione in the brain. This is important to note when dealing with degenerative brain conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, and dementia.
  4. Then there is the cost of having glutathione injections administered by medical personnel, along with the discomfort of having an injection, and having to leave the comfort of your home to receive it.
  5. So how does injectable glutathione compare with other forms of glutathione supplementation such as taking Immunocal?

    Injectable Glutathione: How Does It Compare To Immunocal?

    You may have heard of a form of glutathione supplementation called Immunocal. Using a glutathione raising supplement like Immunocal has several benefits over a glutathione IV:

    1. Immunocal only needs to be taken once a day, and since your cells are producing it from the raw materials you are supplying them, it does not have a short half life, and levels rise and stay high if you take Immunocal once daily.
    2. Immunocal will raise and sustain your glutathione levels in your lymphocytes and blood serum, providing the fuel your immune system needs to exert its full potential.
    3. Immunocal provides the precursors or building blocks for your body to make its own glutathione, so every cell in your body, including your brain cells, are able to manufacture and benefit from increased levels of glutathione, having a beneficial impact on degenerative brain conditions.
    4. Immunocal is much less expensive than IV glutathione at around $3 a pouch. You don't need medical personnel to administer, there are no needles or injections, and you don't have to leave home to take it. You can have it delivered to your door on a convenient monthly basis, and you can drink or eat it from the comfort of your home once each day.

    5. In conclusion, glutathione injections are the administration of a beneficial protein called glutathione into your bloodstream using an intravenous needle. It is also called glutathione iv, injectable glutathione, and IV glutathione.

      Gluathione IV is an effective way to raise your glutathione, however there are drawbacks to this form of glutathione supplementation.

      Immunocal is a clinically proven effective form of glutahtione supplementation that does not have these drawbacks.

      Are you ready to get started taking Immunocal?


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